The internet is filled with resources to improve your test automation skills. Here are two of the best virtual conferences to learn test automation using Selenium Webdriver.

1) Automation Guild

Test Automation

This is by far the best online conference I have ever attended. All other online conferences are deeply disappointing when compared to the Automation Guild. It is extremely focused and convenient. A small sample of all the talks there include:

If You Want To Automation, You Learn to Code

Using Page Object Pattern to Dramatically Stabilize Your Automation

How to Grade Your Selenium Tests

Screenplay Pattern with Serenity BDD

2) StarWest Virtual Conference

Free | Test Automation | Software Testing

This is another option for an online conference that can have some benefit for you. Honestly, a lot of the talks are just self-promotion and useless information about a specific tool. However, there might be a few talks here that pique your interest. And it is free.

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