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Webinars are an integral part of learning. In this cyber age, we can easily get the desired information right from our fingertips. In this post are the best test automation webinars you need to watch in order to improve your automation testing skills with Selenium Webdriver.

1) Grading the Quality of Selenium Tests

Test Automation Grading Rubric | Selenium WebDriver | Automation Best Practices

This is a fantastic webinar by Dave Haeffner that I highly recommend. He tackles a really interesting topic of grading your automation tests based on a rubric that he devised, which actually helps you to analyze how good your automated tests are. I seriously believe that this is one online video that you should watch to seriously improve your automated software testing.

2) Page Objects in Test Automation

Test Automation | Selenium WebDriver | Page Object Pattern

This is a free course on Youtube that will give you a complete understanding of the Page Object Pattern when it comes to test automation. Using Selenium WebDriver, I show you how to create readable functional tests, how to create Page Objects, and how to scale your Page Objects when your automation is beginning to take shape.

3) Selenium Webdriver Keyboard + Mouse Actions

Test Automation | Selenium WebDriver | User Interactions

This is a free course on Youtube. It will give you a complete understanding of how to perform keyboard and mouse interactions using Selenium WebDriver. These skills are useful in order to be able to do things like drag n’ drop, resize, draw, hover, and much more.

4) Getting Test Automation Right”

Test Automation Techniques

This video is a Zephyr presentation regarding the best techniques to get test automation right. The presentation is really fantastic because of the guests on this webinar. Dave Haeffner, Joe Colantonio, and John Sonmez are three powerful minds that share their experiences here. They cover everything from basic Selenium Webdriver tips to advanced topics to help improve the stability of your tests.

5) “Building an Automation Framework That Scales”

Test Automation | Scalability

This is a great webinar from Telerik by Peter Kim that goes into depth about how to build a test automation framework that scales. He teaches a really interesting technique where he controls all of his objects through an XML file. This process therefore makes his tests externally configurable without the need to modify code.

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