Best Test Automation Blogs to Learn Using Selenium Webdriver

If you want to drastically improve your software testing skills, you really need to take time following and reading test automation blogs. Here is a list of the most helpful test automation blogs that have helped me in my career.

1) Selenium HQ Wiki

Selenium WebDriver

You cannot have a resource guide to test automation without including the headquarters of knowledge for Selenium WebDriver. This is a fantastic wiki for a great deal of information related to Selenium. Some of the topics that you can read about from the contributors themselves include:

2) Ultimate QA

Selenium Webdriver | Automation Testing | Quality Assurance | Software Testing

This is my home base where I talk about everything related to QA with a serious focus on automated software testing using Selenium WebDriver. I have both posts and actual video tutorials that teach you step-by-step. Here are some examples of what you can learn:

3) Elemental Selenium

Dave Haeffner

Selenium WebDriver | Ruby

This is a serious gold mine of information when it comes to Selenium WebDriver. Forget that it’s only with Ruby; that’s irrelevant. If you want to learn how to perform impressive tasks with Selenium WebDriver, go through the archives and admire the code. Here are a few examples of posts that will teach you how to:


Automation Testing | QA | Development

Without a doubt, Joe is one of my favorite thought leaders in test automation. Joe constantly provides quality content regarding all kinds of different subjects. This is my default blog for general QA learning. I strongly recommend that you check it out. The subjects include how to learn the following:

This is my default blog for general QA learning. I strongly recommend that you check it out.

5) W3C Schools

HTML | XPath | CSS | Web

If you are going to be doing any kind of test automation, you need to learn some basics about HTML and other web technologies. This has excellent resources to help you get started:

6) Automate The Planet

Anton Angelov

Test Automation | C# | Jenkins | Visual Studio | TFS | Telerik Test Studio

Anton delivers high-quality content that helps me to grow as a Test Automation Specialist. He covers a bunch of amazing topics related to test automation. For example:

7) Better Software Magazine by StickyMinds

Topics Covered: Software Testing, Software Development, DevOps

This is a free monthly publication that focuses on topics such as Software Testing, Software Development, DevOps, and much more.

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