1) Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics with Java

Alan Richardson

Selenium Webdriver | Java | $229

There are a ton of courses out there to learn Selenium WebDriver. Most of them are complete garbage, but Alan’s course is just awesome. He will teach you many different aspects to learn Selenium Webdriver such as how to:

– Handle iFrames

– Write tests

– Perform user interactions

– Invoke JavaScript

– Work with tabs

– And so much more, from basic to advanced

2) Complete Selenium Webdriver with C# – Build a Framework

Nikolay Advolodkin

Selenium Webdriver | C# | Visual Studio | MS Test | $19

Yes, this is a shameless plug for my course, but in all honesty, this is a wonderful course. It is the #2 rated Selenium course on Udemy and has over four thousand students. Some of the topics that you will learn are:

– Everything you need to get started with Selenium WebDriver

– How to create your first automation framework from scratch

– The Page Object Model, the most effective way to create automation testing frameworks

– C# for beginners to make you efficient at coding frameworks

– Visual Studio and MSTest framework

– Much more…

3) Clean Coders

Uncle Bob Martin

Development | Best Practices | $14

This is my new favorite website to go to for learning development best practices. If you want to truly shine and be a Test Automation superstar, you need to be a good Developer. This website will give you all of the fundamental skills. Some things you will learn in the most entertaining videos are:

Foundations of SOLID principles

– Factories

SOLID Components

Component Cohesion

4) Selenium Guidebook

Dave Haeffner

Selenium Webdriver | C# | Java | Ruby | Python | JavaScript | $249

This isn’t purely just a video course to learn Selenium WebDriver. This is actually a collection of a bunch of great resources from Dave. You get video tutorials, an e-book, and cheat sheets. I bought it myself and am definitely satisfied. Here you can learn:

– Local configurations

– Cloud configurations

– Write maintainable tests

– Much more

5) Selenium WebDriver, SpecFlow, and BDD


Selenium Webdriver  | C# | BDD | $29/mo

This is an excellent course on PluralSight that will teach you how to do Behavior Driven Development using SpecFlow framework. Jason does an excellent job teaching the relevant topics for BDD. It’s actually the only BDD course that I have seen for the SpecFlow framework. Some things that you can learn are:

– SpecFlow

– Page Objects in Selenium

– Behavior Driven Development concepts

6) Selenium Webdriver Implicit and Explicit Waits

Selenium Webdriver | C# | Visual Studio | $Free

Struggling with flaky tests? This is a free course to learn Selenium Webdriver that you can use to seriously improve the stability of your automated functional tests. Here are some topics that you will learn:

– Learn the problems that can occur as a result of improper synchronization

– Learn how to use Selenium Webdriver explicit waits

– Master Selenium Webdriver implicit waits

– Comprehend the appropriate situations in which to use all of the different types of waits.

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