These are websites and e-learning platforms that contain a bunch of very useful courses. Some are paid and some are free. Take a look and search for your desired topic.

1) Udacity

Software Testing | Programming | Git | Free & Paid

This is a great site with very high-quality videos. These videos are recorded so you can take interactive quizzes based on the content that is drawn on the page, during the video. The instructor may ask you to identify the correct solution to a problem, write four answer choices, and then you can interact with the User Interface to select the correct choice. Two of my favorite free courses are Software Testing and How To Use Git and Github.

2) Code School

Development Training | C# | Ruby | Python | Git

This is a really sweet website for learning different kinds of programming languages by actually coding your own games. The video editing of these tutorials is excellent and they are extremely interactive.

– Try ASP.NET Course

3) Microsoft Virtual Academy

Development Training | C# | .NET | Free

This is an excellent website from Microsoft. Here you can learn a lot about all of the different Microsoft technologies from excellent and knowledgeable instructors. Some of my favorite courses to improve your automation skills include:

– Rapidly diagnose and solve application problems in Visual Studio

– C# Fundamentals

– Software Development Fundamentals

4) Coursera

Online University | Free & Paid

Another great e-learning platform is Coursera. Their motto is “Take free online courses from top universities.” Therefore, you can take real college courses online. Most are completely free. The only catch is you actually have to participate in the course because they have hard start dates, homework, and quizzes. Some courses that you can partake in include:

– Software Security

– Testing With Agile

– Mastering The Software Engineering Interview

– Reviews & Metrics for Software Improvements

5) Pluralsight

IT Training

This is a top-notch site with some of the best professionals teaching great topics.  These professionals include John Sonmez, Aaron Frost, and Scott Allen. You can learn different programming languages like Java, C#, and Python by watching video tutorials. You can also learn automation tools like Selenium WebDriver, Coded UI, NUnit, Visual Studio Test, and much more. All of the video tutorials come with code and notes that you can use in order to enhance your retention rate. Some of my favorite courses include:

– Automated Business Readable Web Tests with Selenium and SpecFlow

– Automated Web Testing with Selenium

– Quick Guide to API Testing with HP’s Unified Functional Testing

– Creating an Automated Testing Framework With Selenium

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