In This Course

In this course, you will:

1. Learn the problems that can occur as a result of improper synchronization

2. Learn how to use Selenium Webdriver explicit waits

3. Master Selenium Webdriver implicit waits

4. Understand what a DefaultWait is

5. Comprehend how to use all of the different types of waits during appropriate situations

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In this Lecture

This discussion talks about what you need if you want to place an implicit wait on your driver. It also emphasizes that the time span on your waits can be changed, depending on your preferred wait time. Then you’ll be a given a quiz on how much you have understood the topic on implicit wait.

Selenium Tutorial -Implicit Waits Quiz

Taking a look at our visual studio here. If you wanted to place an implicit wait, all you need is driver.Manage.Timeout and here is our implicitly wait method. You can see the implicitly wait method takes a time span struck, which you’ll just pull out like this, Time span.

Now you have many options here, such as how many days you want to wait, how many hours, how many milliseconds. I usually like to use seconds and you can put something like five and then of course finish off our statement. That is simple as that and now I said in implicit wait for our driver to go ahead and wait for this test.

My question for you and a quick quiz, just wanted to see that you’re attending the information that I transfer to you is, How are you going to fix this tasks DynamicallyLoadingElementsTestFailure Test? What you’re going to do now that you all have this new information to fix it so that when I run it to the T.I. it passes?

Go ahead and think about this, write your code and then when you comeback I’m going to give you the answer.


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