What will you learn in this lecture?

In this video, we will learn how to continue our learning on Sauce Labs. In the previous tutorial, we reviewed the Sauce Labs topics that we have discussed in this course.

Continue Your Learning

Hey, so congratulations you’ve made it to the very end of this course. That is an amazing faith. Give yourselves a pat on the back. I’ve been teaching for many years now teaching test automation and none very many students make it to the very end. But those that do. That’s an amazing faith. That’s why you should be very proud. Good job you’ve done awesome. So for those students that do finish, I always like to do something special. Right. I always like to encourage provide positive reinforcement for good behavior and for my good students. So what I’ve done here is I’ve created a course that I’m calling Sauce Labs advanced skills.

And because you’ve made it to the end and you actually get to see this video that other students will never get to see because they haven’t made it to the end. And this sauce labs advanced skills. I’m going to be teaching you advanced skills that are related to sauce labs. So what you can learn in the course is I’m going to teach you parallel test execution. Basically whenever you’re ready to have an amazing test automation suite and you want to decrease it’s execution time you’re going to want to run tests in parallel in installs labs. In this video, of course, I’m going to teach you how to do that also I’m going to teach you data-driven cross-browser testing.

So at some point most of us wanted to cross-browser testing and test our application multiple different browsers whether you want to run on the Windows or Mac whether you want to run on Android I was if you want to run on Linux you can do all of that and I’m going to teach you how to write a single functional test that you can then date a drive to Run on the multiple operating system browser environments. Also in this course a minute teach you how to annotate test based you learn stuff like how to name them how to add comments and error messages so that whenever they show up and browsers stack they are more user-friendly.

Finally, I’m going to introduce you to some very cool advanced analytics features from Sauce Labs. Some of them are still in beta and many people haven’t even seen them yet. So I’ll be getting to show them to you in beta. Prepare you for the release. And actually, these analytics features nobody else on the Web has them except Sauce Labs.

So that’s kind of a really cool preview that you get so as I said because you made it to the end of this course and you’re an amazing student I always try to do my best to provide awesome gifts for all of my top students. And so if you go to this case sensitive URL then you’ll get a very special offer on this sauce labs advanced skills course. 

Get My Advanced Sauce Labs Course

Just make sure that it is case sensitive so you have to get the x and the s in the correct in capital letters in order to be able to go and get that special offer and I don’t give this to everybody just the first 100 students to get this to this page will get this offer simply because I just can’t do this offer for everybody and again not everybody gets to the end of the course and that those first 100 students that get to grab this offer you guys are the ones that get to continue learning in their sauce labs advanced skills course if you’re interested of course if not no big deal.

Congratulations you made it to the end. But if you are one of the first 100 who is not procrastinating and taking advantage then you can go get a special offer on that course just take a look at that URL. Again congratulations you’ve finished the sauce labs course. You’ve learned a lot of new skills. Hope you enjoyed it was a true pleasure teaching you. And I’ll see you in the future.

Get My Advanced Sauce Labs Course

What will you learn in this course?

This course is an introduction to Sauce Labs with Selenium webdriver.

Taught by Nikolay Advolodin, CEO of www.ultimateqa.com. He had been teaching test automation for 5 years and is the author of top rated online courses to 50,000 students in over 100 countries around the globe.

In this course from Ultimate QA, you will learn:

– Why Sauce Labs is an amazing test automation tool.

– Overview of Sauce Labs.

– Sauce Labs advantages and disadvantages.

– How to analyze results.

– How to perform live debugging.

At the end of the course, you will take a final quiz along with the answers to the quiz questions for better understanding.

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Nikolay Advolodkin is a self-driven SDET on a lifelong mission to create profound change in the IT world and ultimately leave a legacy for his loved ones, community, and the world at large. Today, he serves as the CEO and Test Automation Instructor at UltimateQA.com and contributes informative articles to leading test automaton websites like SimpleProgrammer.com and TechBeacon.com

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