Repetition is the mother of all learning. This implies that in software testing, we need to practice what we learned. No amount of theory can make us a better automation tester without actually practicing it.

So how can we apply what we have learned and practice it in a real setting? The good news is that the internet is filled with resources and websites where you can put your automation testing skills into practice.

Here are the best test automation websites to practice testing using Selenium Webdriver.

1) UltimateQA Practice site

A free place to practice some scenarios like:

  • Testing a large complicated page
  • Work with simple HTML elements like buttons
  • Fill out forms
  • Automate an application that evolves over time

2) Awful Valentine

Another free website that I got from a book I read called Selenium Design Patterns. This website is a simulator of an online store where you can purchase different kinds of items. You can try to automate items such as:

  • Slow AJAX
  • Slow animation
  • Third party links
  • Credit card transactions
  • Online store checkout scenarios

3) Dave Haeffner’s Practice Site

Dave designed an excellent place to practice different kinds of test automation scenarios. Some of the scenarios that you can try to automate include:

  • A/B Testing
  • Basic Auth
  • File Upload
  • Challenging DOM
  • iFrames
  • Slow connections
  • Dynamic content
  • Hovers
  • Redirect links

4) Fake Online Investment Site

This is an online investment website where you can practice different automation techniques like user creation and money transaction validations. I got this website from the book A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design by Lee Copeland. Please use the Authorization Code 11111111, and you will be able to register for the site and login to practice your automated software testing.

5) QTP Tutorial’s Test Automation Practice Page

A free place to practice different identification techniques such as:

  • Using HTML ID to interact with your element
  • Utilizing HTML class to interact with your elements
  • Filling out different forms
  • Practicing signing up for an email list
  • Automating login scenarios

6) PHP Travels

This is an excellent demo travel site that you can use to practice your test automation. They have a front end and a back end for you to automate.

7) Mercury Tours

This is another fake travel site for test automation. It is not as good as PHP travels. However, if you are looking for variety in practicing with different websites, this will add that extra variety.

8) Sample E-Commerce Site

This is a really nice fake e-commerce site to practice test automation. If you have a project where you need to practice different flows for online stores, this is the website you want. You can practice:

  • Adding items to the cart
  • Checking out
  • Validating that items have been added

9) Demoqa

This is a neat little website with simple elements to practice test automation with. It has:

  • Draggable elements
  • Droppable elements
  • Selectable elements
  • Sortable elements
  • Much more

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