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Complete Selenium WebDriver with C#

Build your own automation framework from scratch and master Selenium WebDriver. No prior knowledge needed.


Working with Elements Using Selenium

Master web element identification, manipulation, and interrogation using Selenium WebDriver in this free video course

Sauce Labs: Advanced Topics

Master parallel test execution, cross-browser automation, test analytics and much more. Using the best Selenium Grid in the world.

What are implicit and explicit waits in Selenium?

Learn how to correctly use implicit and explicit waits using Selenium Webdriver

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Since 2013 I’ve been gathering a list of my favorite automation resources for Selenium. This is the list that’s helped me. It will help you too.

CI/CD With Azure DevOps

Do you need to create a CI Pipeline for your test automation with Azure DevOps? This post will teach you exactly that.

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Best Selenium Tutorials (2019)

In this post, I will discuss the best selenium tutorials that you can find online in 2019. Rather than wasting time with poor tutorials, I wanted to provide you the most useful content. Most of these tutorials I have watched myself and the others I analyzed thoroughly...

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The Most Annoying Visual Studio Errors

Visual Studio errors can be very annoying. Right? Sometimes we spend hours or even days troubleshooting problems.. Ugh! So I've compiled a post on the most common Visual Studio errors that my students and I encountered. I will maintain and update this post over time....

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